Midori Yamamoto

My name is Midori Yamamoto and I am a Tokyo-based English-Japanese conference interpreter specializing in cosmetics, cooking and food-related, IT, medical, semiconductors and business, helping companies communicate smoothly with their audience and counterparts.

Are you visiting Japan on business and have an appointment with a potential Japanese partner? You may have a presentation to give, but are not sure if everything you are going to say is going to be understood? Then, I can help. I can not only translate verbally what you mention in your presentation but also help you adjust your pitch to the level of the audience. When you get feedback from the audience, I can interpret that into English for you, but it isn't just a simple conversion from one language to another. Japanese is a highly contextual language and important nuances may be intangible in any given remark. Even in such a case, I can materialize that in my output so that you clearly understand what your counterpart wants to convey.

I provide professional interpreting services of all modes; consecutive, simultaneous and whispering, face-to-face and non face-to-face such as video conference, with 13 years of experience. I look forward to helping you succeed.

Business Name Yamamoto Language Services
Representative Midori Yamamoto
Address Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Affiliation Japan Association of Translators (JAT)
Education Graduated in March 2000 from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; BA, Thai Language

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